Welcome to Synaptic Shrapnel

Even a relatively detached  person living in a Western liberal democracy who has barely  been paying attention to geopolitical events abroad and affairs and matters of state in their own country will have noticed the predictable rhythm of boring domestic politics, distant and antiseptic foreign wars and banal social tensions – and the stupidly cheerful media delivering it all to them – has changed. The tempo is much more frantic and unpredictable, foreign and domestic political events are in the foreground, war is not as distant as it was and previously easy to ignore and avoid social tensions are in-your-face and the media seems to be…less calm and not as optimistic as it used to be.

A politically literate person who is not in a blind indoctrinated thrall to this or that ideology or online “expert”, and therefore still able to think critically about things, will likely be much more alarmed by the changes the person above senses but still manages to ignore or block out with delusional thinking. As well they should be…as the increasingly bizarre and unhinged events unfolding today mark the beginning of the end of the post-Second World War social order. The Western liberal empire, led by the United States, is in decline; its economy is ailing and its people are adrift and hypnotized by their supposed superiority and  vague notions of “human rights”, “freedom” and “democracy” (that their increasingly totalitarian corporate-controlled governments deny them, while at the same time using them as fig leaves to hide behind as they unleash overwhelming violence against any nation state that refuses to submit to Western domination). They live in a violent society that has literally replaced belief in a religious faith or humanistic values with worship of money and consumerism and have elevated greed and sociopathic ambition from vice to the highest, and only, virtue.

This blog zooms in and explores in detail some of the elements driving the West to ruin, how Westerners are responding to, and affected by, their corrupt and decaying culture and how the rest of the world is being impacted by a power-crazed beast that threatens to take them down with it.

This quote by the late British writer J.G. Ballard is a good introduction to the content and mood of this blog:

“Civilised life, you know, is based on a huge number of illusions in which we all collaborate willingly. The trouble is we forget after a while that they are illusions and we are deeply shocked when reality is torn down around us.”


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