Pop Quiz: Dystopian Sci-Fi Novel, or 2017 America?


War has raged worldwide since long before you were born. Recession has caused record levels of homelessness in city streets, and every day, more Americans come one small nyc-record-homelessnessfinancial setback away from joining their ranks. Already, economists, bankers, politicians, and academics have begun pushing for a cashless society in order to monitor all spending and earning, withdraw taxes automatically, and institute “negative interest rates” — an academic term for charging fees on savings to force the populace to spend more on something, anything, from the store.

Millions of your fellow citizens have paid to install “Smart” listening devices inside their homes in order to make access to information more convenient, despite revelations from government whistleblowers that intelligence agencies ensure back-door surveillance channels are installed into consumer hardware and software, and that the end goal is to create detailed profiles of every person on U.S. soil. Secret courts have been formed…

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