A Pilfered Comment from the “Moon of Alabama” Website . . .

Taking Sides

[Norm’s note: this is a re-post of a comment that I found posted on the “Moon of Alabama” Website some time ago.  Someone managed to dig it up and read it here today, a thing I noticed while glancing at the ‘stats page,’ and thus reminded me of it.  It’s a brilliant piece from someone obviously very insightful about the ‘workings of Empire.’  Worth your time, I think. (originally posted here: 15 September 2014)]

(Norm’s comment: please note that everything that follows to the end of this post is “Malooga’s” work.  And what a fine piece it is!)

Posted by “Malooga,” here: 68

‘replace fragmented/corrupt states 2/3
w/ united Islamic power. West passivty validates the caliphate & its transnational strategy.’

Nonsense and poppycock! An ISIS pseudo-Islamic State will be fascistic in nature, hence, totally corrupt. Western passivity? Who has trained them, transported them, paid them, covered for them…

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