You Can’t Go Home Again: the Liberal State is No More

O Society

by Richard Moser Be Freedom Jan 25, 2019

In a previous article, I argued often confusing and divergent arguments within the neoliberal critique could be best understood as the tensions between two opposing currents of thought. One tendency understands neoliberalism as the unfettered reign of the free market, often called Free Market Fundamentalism (FMF); the other sees neoliberalism as the fusion of the corporation and the state, sometimes called Corporate Power.

If it’s FMF, what does that mean for activism? If it’s Corporate Power, what does that imply for strategy?

The greater the emphasis on FMF, the more possible it might seem to re-regulate the corporations back to within tolerable limits after recapturing the state through elections. The greater the emphasis on corporate power the less possible incremental (primarily) electoral approaches seem, and the more likely revolutionary measures will be required to abolish corporate power.

You Can’t Go Home Again

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