The Spectacle Continues


I haven’t been following the latest Chumptastic spectacle closely but I have noticed the FBI guy who was much derided by the losing party and its media sycophants is now being reinvented in a more….heroic mold. You really can’t make this stuff up. If Chump announced his fondness for, I don’t know, bacon, say, there would be all kinds of energy spent slamming the evils of bacon. And when he announces he really doesn’t like bacon after all bacon will be talked about like it’s the food of the gods. Looks like he will have to bomb Syria or another approved “enemy” country before the west’s political leaders the  various sleazy media pundits show him some respect again. 

The same media and its somnambulant audience apparently find nothing at all odd about its vocally  professed love of refugees, many who are fleeing from countries the US has destroyed or is destroying (to loud media approval of course). 

The media says refugees from wars it approves of deserve to be welcomed to the US and other Western nations but they do not deserve to live in peace as citizens of sovereign states that wish to remain free of Western subjugation. That is punishable by death. And nobody with influence and access to the mainstream media thinks serious contradictions like this are worthy of calling out. Or they just don’t have the guts. What does that say about the psychology of Western citizens? After all these things need to be actively repressed Are these signs of a healthy society?