Rhetoric Trumps War

In the post-truth, late-capitalist mediascape that passes for reality since the US general election last November hundreds of thousands of people across North America and Europe heeded the call of the pro-establishment media and the Democratic Party’s PR hacks and loudly demonstrated and marched against US president Donald Trump, protesting the crude and inflammatory rhetoric he regularly deploys to demean and demonize women, ethnic minorities and Muslims. Tens of thousands of people in Canada, the UK, Germany and other nations whose citizens have zero influence over US politicians joined their American counterparts in denouncing Mr. Trump, who has been vilified nonstop in the mass media since his election victory against Hillary Clinton.

Thousands of people headed to American airports to protest Trump’s temporary travel ban preventing citizens of six Muslim majority countries from entering the United States. Celebrities and supporters of the Democratic Party took to the media to passionately rail against the new American president, who has even been compared to Adolf Hitler by some media commentators. The demonstrations were, of course, given blanket coverage by the western world’s mass media outlets. Trump is evil, Trump is a Russian stooge, Trump is a bad dude who badmouths people they reminded their audience. This went on nonstop for months.
In early April, the evil President Trump ordered the US Navy to fire a few dozen cruise missiles at an air force base in Syria, ostensibly in reaction to a poison gas attack allegedly orchestrated and carried out by the Syrian government. The establishment media was ecstatic. Finally! Trump is a real capital P President pundits and sycophants crowed. The reaction across the spectrum was orgasmic. A few of the media commentators were so excited by the cruise missiles launching they probably rubbed one out in the toilet facilities after the broadcast. The moment the missiles fired the hysterical anti-Trump rhetoric was dialed down by several notches. It was an instructive spectacle.
So what did we learn? Inflammatory rhetoric directed at women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals and gender-confused individuals is beyond the pale…the stuff that turns a person into Hitler 2.0, the worst transgression an American president can commit. Preventing people from certain countries from traveling to the United States is also pretty bad and worthy of protest and loud shouting. The good news is that all a president has to do to get the establishment media off his back is violently kill people in countries that pose no threat to America or Americans. (Indeed, the much lauded Barack Obama was a prolific killer of foreigners and the media, along with much of the slack-jawed public,  approved wholeheartedly of his actions.)
This are not signs of a healthy society. Quite the opposite, in fact. All of Trumps vocal critics among heads of state and government in Europe and Canada made public statements approving of Trump’s right-of-passage to Murderer In Chief. This little spectacle is one of many that shows how diseased and putrid the moribund West has become as its imperial rampages are blocked by countries like Russia and China which will no longer allow the United States and its sycophantic club of wannabe imperialists to run roughshod over the world. In the midst of it all the West is losing its collective mind.